About Us

Home Headache Solutions consists of a small group of private investors in the North Shore, Massachusetts area that have been purchasing homes with decades of experience.  Our investors focus and are experienced in this relatively small, specific, New England region allowing Home Headache Solutions to generate a cash offer and can flexibly close within a few weeks or can accommodate your needs accordingly.  This means you get your cash when you need it.


We buy all types of homes, in all kinds of condition.  If you are considering selling your home please contact us today before you do anything else. Don’t get locked in a broker’s listing contract and commit to pay high commissions without trying Home Headache Solutions!  It’s fast, easy and free.  Try it now.

You can reach us at 617-800-9289 or request an offer online


Do you need to sell your  headache house and want CASH???

  • No need to fix the house in preparation for a sale or pay a real estate agent.

  • Convenient closing.

  • We purchase and close with problem residing tenants in the property.

  • Paying 100% cash for a house in AS-IS condition with no inspections or contingencies

We specialize in buying homes from homeowners that are looking to sell their house quickly and without the hassle of a retail sale.

  • Any price range

  • Flexible close date

  • Any condition. AS-IS condition.

  • No home property inspections.

  • No contingencies.

  • We pay cash.

  • No need to prepare or clean your house out for a sale.

  • We will cleanout the property at our expense!!!!!

Through 15+years of real estate  experience HomeHeadacheSolutions has tried to create a quick, easy, and painless process.

First step is an initial phone conversation where we learn more about your situation and you learn more about what we do.

If you believe that we can help you, then the next step would be for us to view your property.  We pride ourselves on setting a mutual win-win situation.  We take the HEADACHE out of selling A HOUSE!!!

  • Avoid Realtor & brokers commissions

  • Sell your house AS-IS

  • We are the actual buyers – won’t get spammed

  • We handle all repairs

  • We make strong, cash offers

  • We provide relocation assistance

  • Eliminate liens

  • If you’re facing foreclosure it may not be too late

  • We close fast and get you cash quickly